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Dave 'Gabb' Gabbitas

Web Dev Team Leader

He's known to most clients as Gabb - he is Dave Gabbitas, our Web Development Team Leader.

As a web developer, Gabb is of course a bit of a computer geek.  But with over 12 years of sales experience he is able to do something many programmers and developers struggle with: communicate well!

So it will not be uncommon to see Gabb applying his skills to project manage an entire web development job for Jet iT.  This gives you, the client, the benefit of hearing from someone 'at the coal face' of the design and build process - in a language you will understand.

Whilst Gabb loves to stay at the forefront of web design, SEO and other geeky stuff, he is always quick to remind the team (and client) of the goals of the client's online presence: to enhance the brand, build credibility and to provide a return on investment.

So you can be assured that with people like Gabb on your web development team, you are good hands and will always be up with the state of play of your project/website.

When not coding or posting on our blog, Gabb can be found either ripping around the mountainbike trails of Auckland and New Zealand or participating in the interesting sport of Frisbee Golf.

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