Access App - Mobile Web App

Access App - Mobile Web App

When Simon Welch of Design Managers had the idea of a mobile app for his client Onsite Australia, he knew where to turn.

A quick call to the folks and Jet iT and a project was born.  Utilising our CMS product Content King, we developed a great tool for helping Onsite's clients choose the right access equipment for the job on site, on their mobile device.

With Access App, you can search for access equipment based on several criteria: reach distance, equipment type, desired terrain.  Upon viewing results you can view a Range of Motion graph to further confirm the suitability of the unit to the job. All optimised for delivery to a mobile screen and connection.

Being a web app, there is no need for download via iStores/Google Play.  Users simply get directed to the Access App URL and enjoy the experience from there.  Developing Web Apps is rapidly becoming the choice of many for mobile apps - the cost is much less than that of 'native' apps.  Native apps are apps written specifically for each device, so developers have to write the program specific for Apple products, then Android devices and also Windows phones not to mentin Blackberries and whatever else might appear!  In the case of Apple devices, the developer doesn't even know if the iStore will accept it as a download until it is submitted after development!

The compelling reason to go 'native' is to have specific access to some of the mobile devices' hardward, for example the accelerometer (to know which way is up), but this is changing as standards move towards giving web apps such access (as an example, we can now use Geolocation to determine the user's location within a mobile web app).  We can write the app once and have it delivered smoothly via a phone's web browser no matter what the brand.

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