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Jet iT helping the community - NZFDA

Free hosting for non-profit

A little while ago, Jet iT Head of Web Dev Gabb got into the interesting sport of disc golf.

Actually it was a long time ago!

Anyway, the sport has a national association, the New Zealand Flying Disc Association which encompasses both disc golf and the other popular frisbee sport of ultimate.

Jet iT has helped out the NZFDA by providing free hosting and support for their website, which provides members and sub associations with information and links to other resources.  See

We also host the number one frisbee site in New Zealand, and have done since its launch in 2002.  The site features stories, event updates, disc sales and more and has gone through several design upgrades over the years (as all sites should) and site owner Bob Gentil is often praised for having one of the best frisbee relatesd sites on the net (and don't be fooled, disc golf is a very popular site world-wide).  Good stuff!

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