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Finance Industry

The JetStream database was initially designed for a Vehicle Leasing and Asset Management Application.  Using the JetStream product Fleetlease New Zealand became the preeminent Vehicle Leasing business in New Zealand and the product was later implemented at Godfrey Davis Contract Hire in the UK and Summit AutoLeasing in Australia. Key to its success in these markets was its very strong backend billings and collections features and its integrated quoting and accounting systems.

Over the last 5 years, we have migrated the system to focus more on the front-end of the finance industry.  Jet iT have built a very strong relationship with SE Rentals a finance Brokering business in Australia. SE Rentals have utilised the JetStream process management system to manage and control the process, an integrated finance management system to manage the calculations processes and our digital document management system to create and store all the documents required .

We are continuing to work with SE Rentals to drive the cost of processing down through the use of technology.

Jetstream Business Solutions

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