JetStream Process Management Saves You Money

JetStream Process Management Saves You Money

All small businesses are the same, and any small business with ambition to become a real business has the same dilemma.  The commercial knowledge of the business is in the heads of one or two key people ( often the business owners) and to grow the business means putting place procedures to document that information so that others can perform some of the business processes.  This is often harder than it sounds as it may require committing a lot of detail to paper, training an employee ( who may leave as soon as they become useful) and there is no immediate business benefit from all the hard work.

With a Process Management solution from  JetStream, these problems are removed and there will be an almost immediate business benefit.

With the Jetstream database we can store you business information easily and accurately. This includes which clients get what discounts on which products.  Who we buy what products from and what the negotiated price for that product is. How do we manufacture a product and what are the costings. What are the procedures for dealing with this transaction.

The JetStream interface is designed to allow your users to transact the business accurately, following the rules and procedures that you have defined. We expect users to be able to transact almost all procedures after 1 day of training.

The benefit you will see immediately is that of improved accuracy and consistency in all transactions. Improved relations with your clients and suppliers as your communications with them will be more professional. But most importantly, your staff will be trained to use the system leaving you to concentrate on the important work of building the business.

The additional benefit is that you add significantly to the intrinsic value of your business. In theory you can sell your business tomorrow and the system will enable the new owner to take over the operation with no minimal impact on service levels to the clients.

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