JetStream Shopping and e-commerce solutions allow you to go further.

JetStream Shopping and e-commerce solutions allow you to go further.

Most e-commerce solutions are run as stand-alone offerings with little in the way of integration with your real-world business solutions. Orders may be gathered as e-mails which are then loaded into your internal system for processing; prices are often downloaded on a ‘ad hoc basis'; information about stock levels and delivery times are seldom provided and never accurate.

With JetStream, your online solution IS your main business solution so there is no integration required. The price that a client sees via the e-commerce portal will be the price he is offered if he contacts you on the phone. The quantity in stock will be accurate and the delivery information will be the same.  Not only does this save you time and money, it allows us to deliver much more sophisticated and user friendly experience.


You will want your loyal customers to use the on-line system because it is quicker and easier, but they will expect to get their discounts and they will not expect to have to pay on order, they will expect their normal credit terms to apply.

With JetStream, we allow users to login to identify themselves, this then allows us to know which discounts they are entitled to and as we have their debtor account available we can check their credit status and if this purchase keeps them within their credit limit allow this purchase to be added to their credit account. Otherwise we can direct them to the payment gateway or put the order on hold so that you can negotiate an appropriate solution.

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