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SE Rentals

Sydney, Australia

SE Rentals Pty Ltd. is an estalished Finance Brokering company based in Sydney, Australia.

When we were initially approached, they were looking for a way to effectively communicate with their Vendor Clients (the equipment suppliers). After some analysis, we agreed that the accuracy of information was key and that by using our Torque on Demand solution we could deliver a comprehensive solution which added value to the business process, recorded the application data accurately in a secure environment and provide excellent information to the various parties.

Using Torque on Demand, applications are loaded, the financial calculations are performed, tasks are monitored and documentation is dynamically produced and delivered. In addition all documentation is stored digitally in our document archive and is easily available with a single click when reviewing the application.

Once the application has been settled, the system continues to help manage and support, monitoring issues/changes to client details, following up arrears and finally managing terminations.

Through the trackntrust web portal, registered users can review their applications, check on progress and review the outstanding issues which may be preventing the application from being approved and settled.

The SER system even sends SMS messages (phone texts) to relevant parties at pre-determined stages of the process.

The SE Rentals web site provides the 'Public' marketing interface, being driven by Content King, the news and latest happenings are posted and marketing emails are delivered.

SE Rental owner Steve Sykes has nothing but praise for the Jet iT developed system; "Not only have we raced ahead of the crowd in terms of efficiency and value add to our customers, it has saved us money in terms of physical storage and time-hungry processes that we used to have to do manually.  Great work guys!"

The system developed for Se Rentals is another example of Jet iT's ability to focus on the business goals when creating business solutions and integrating the system with online solutions that often deliver tools and services that your opposition haven't even thought about.  To find out what solutions we can provide for you, drop us a line for an obligation free assessment/discussion.

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