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When avid cyclist Elvis Zaskarelli came to us with his idea of a website to deliver information to people looking to ride around the trails of New Zealand, we saw this was a perfect test of our content management system: Content King.

And so we built a template design for Elvis based on giving him the flexibility to expand his website without having to contact us each time he wanted a new page.

Elvis is progressively adding to the depth of his website by creating 'sub-sections' dynamically using Content King. The menus within these sub-sections are also fed to the main navigation block by way of multi-level drop-downs.

Using Content King's page template system, whenever Elvis sees a need for a new page (usually based on him having explored a new area and wanting to have a dedicated page - rather than just an article - which would reflect best practice for search engine optimisation), within a few click he is able to create that page and start populating it immediately.  A good example of that is his Auckland Trails page, which he is able to assign to the overall Regional Trails page and effectively becomes an entire new 'section' of the site with its own menu and RSS feeds.

Ease of use and the many features of Content King is what has impressed Elvis the most; "as I need to ensure reports on trails are always up to date, I find the 'Favourites' feature invaluable for me finding articles and pages real quick."

And, whilst Search Engine Optimisation is mainly about approriate copy, Content King has helped get right up there quickly with dynamic meta tagging, social media integration, seo-friendly URLs and ease of use; "If I see a new trail happening, because of how easy it is for me to create a new page/article, I will have a story up that night - there's nothing quite like being the first on the web for SEO!"  Just Google 'Totara Park MTB' to see what he means.


One of Content King's standard list outputs is the 'Composite List' which displays as you see above.  Elvis can control how many items show before we add an 'expand list' option (great for managing vertical space whilst still delivering plenty of content) and also the order of the list (newest at top/random/alphabetical - always with the ability to prioritise items).

To find out what magical things Content King can do for your online presence, drop us a line for an obligation free assessment.

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