JetStream cloud based business solution

JetStream cloud based business solution

JetStream is a fully hosted, on-line business solution tailored specifically to meet the requirements of YOUR business. You, your employees, clients, suppliers and agents can all interact with your system 24 hour a day 7 days a week from anywhere.

What the system consists of is

  • a sophisticated database
  • a dedicated secure Windows Server through which your internal users have access to the “Management System”
  • one or more web site(s) through which the public and/or assigned users( clients, suppliers, agents)  can all access the database using specific tools.

All this is set up and then hosted for you with our Partners Revera, providing you with a 24x7 days availability as well as  all the normal services such as backups, systems management, security management,  hardware and software upgrades. Thus you get a completely hassle free business solution for an agreed monthly fee.

Tailored Packaged Solution

At heart JetStream has a sophisticated database, and around that is a set of programmes that manage that database. This then is the packaged solution. What makes JetStream unique is the level of detail implicit in the business parameters which allow you to define how your business works. The packaged software understands these parameters and creates accounting transactions and process management information as required by you.

The other aspect which is unique to JetStream is the User Interface.  We believe that there is significant business benefits to be gained by ensuring all public interfaces, reports, web pages and even internal system screens are branded professionally and consistently. Most clients give their solution an alternative name which supports their branding.

Your own Rules / Your own Data

On-line solutions are expensive, only the rich and foolhardy feel that they can develop a system from scratch just so that they own the IP.  After all the IP for a film is not in the camera it is in the people behind the camera, who decide how the camera is going to be used. In the same way the IP of your business is in the way you structure and run your business. 

Unconstrained Growth

One of the great benefits of the JetStream product is in the design of the technology.  We have set it up so that as you need to expand, we can add more resources into the environment where they are required. This means there will be no major upgrade projects and no major financial headaches. 

100% Secure 100% Available

If you want to have on-line systems to drive your business forward, then Security and availability are two areas of concern. Luckily, we can take care of this for you, with our partners Revera  we have constructed a technical environment which is the best available in New Zealand.

The key features are :

  • Backup Generator which automatically kick in should there be a power failure.
  • Multiple Internet connections through multiple ISP ensure that connections should never fail.
  • All servers are configured with hot-swappable discs, memory slots and processors.
  • Multiple sites around the country means that should the worst calamity happen, we can be back on-line in a timely manner.
  • State of the art firewall technology.

The system is deployed as a fully hosted solution run on Jet-iT servers at Revera. This means that all the IT services associated to the operating of the system are provided as part of the solution. The services explicitly provided are:

  • Database optimisation
  • Database backup
  • Software upgrades
  • Operating System Upgrades
  • Access control and Firewall management.
  • User Registration.

JetStream – Core Sub-Systems

The JetStream database was built originally designed to manage a Vehicle Management and Finance of a Vehicle Leasing business. Leasing and Asset Management are large complex businesses with intricate information system required to run the sophisticated Billing, Invoicing, Arrears Management and the associated Accounting functions. 

The main functional areas are

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Credit Application Management
  • Advanced , parameter driven Financial Calculator
  • Billings and Collections
  • Invoicing
  • Debtors
  • Credit Management and Arrears Processing
  • Asset Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Stock Management
  • Purchasing
  • Creditors
  • Banking including foreign currency accounts
  • PDF Documentation production
  • Integrated Digital Archive Storage
  • Managed commercial email facility

E-commerce, Saving the Planet and Saving You Money.

e-commerce business solutions are no longer the domain of the large corporates. With JetStream you can not only join the game but we will put you out in front. Printing, ink and paper, is quite a significant cost in any business most of which can be eliminated by adoption of JetStream's comprehensive e-commerce facilities.  As more companies adopt their own strategies, more and more of these costs are pushed down the supply line towards the consumer.

e-commerce can be addressed at a number of levels. On-line ordering and/or shopping with on-line payment through a web-site or sending business correspondence as pdf documents attached to emails are both options. But the real time and cost saver is the document archive system. JetStream allows you to save the correspondence you receive against the database. Supplier Contracts, Price Lists and Purchase orders that are received by email no longer need to be printed but save directly to the system. This means that these are available to view by anyone with appropriate access from anywhere at any time.

For the network organisation, franchise, businesses with branch offices around the country around the world, this can offers enormous savings. And for the small business, where the tax requirements to keep copies of all tax invoices, this removes a major headache.

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