Online Marketing: SEM - SEO & PPC

Online Marketing: SEM - SEO & PPC

Online Marketing: SEM - SEO & PPC

Search engine marketing (SEM) is internet marketing that involves the promotion of your website by increasing it's visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization both on-page and off-page (SEO), as well as through paid advertising placements, contextual advertising, and paid inclusions (PPC)

At Jet iT we'll help you to do everything right from the start to ensure one way or another your website features on page 1 of search engines results.

Thankfully Jet iT's CMS "Content King" is developed to naturally present your content in the best possible manner that search engines understand, but we'll walk you through the entire SEO process from start to results... We'll also work with you to ensure you build authroity with search engines by doing things such as; integrating Social Media platforms, PR through targeted industry channels, submitting links to relevant directories & further developing your content.

Now when it comes to Pay-Per-Click search engine advertising (PPC) - Google Adword campigns, Jet iT have paired up with one of the best Search Marketing Specialists in the industry - Surefire are a Google Adwords certified partner. Working with them we research to provide the most strategic bids for you, not to mention supply you with advanced reporting like no other. These reports are so good that we don't just give results but also analysis trends and recommendations to maximize your ROI on every click.

Cloud based website and business solutions.

  • JetStream_Logo

    Jet Stream

    Integrated product and ecommerce platform

    JetStream is our CRM / ERP / Process Management database.

    Think of a SAP but for a fraction of the price delivered as a Fully Managed Web Solution, and tailored to the way you do business. 

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  • Ck5


    Content Management System

    CK5 is a complete Digital Marketing Management environment. 

    Emails / Users / Web Content / Social / Catalogue  / E-commerce / Intranet

    CK5 provides you with the only solution which does it all. 

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  • QSmart_Loog


    Online Survey and Data Collection

    Qsmart is an online information gathering solution.

    Primarily designed as an on-line survey product, once you investigate the system you will find an enormous range of applications.

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