Website Design & Strategy using Content King CMS

Website Design & Strategy using Content King CMS

Web Design

The Success of your Website starts here!

Remember first Impressions count, and on the internet you have approximately 3 seconds to impress your visitors before they move on to another site.

Online Strategy

The first and very important part of any website design should be identifying a clear strategy for your site, you would be surprised how many business fail at doing this..... Every business is different, and while one strategy maybe as simple as providing information as to your services and location, others maybe more complicated and include integrating other online marketing facets such as email marketing / social media to create brand communities or perhaps an eCommerce platform to sell products and/or services online. No matter what your business, our consultants come from a business development & marketing back ground and will be able to help you develop a clear & successful online strategy for your business.


Jet iT work with a number of design partners and are just as happy to deal with your existing design company should you have one. We will ensure your designs are on brand, unique, professional, clearly demonstrate their purpose, gain the trust of your visitors, all while keeping usability and results top of mind.

Responsive Design

Another big thing when designing your new website, is taking into consideration how many of us view the internet while on " Mobile Devices " such as tablets and smartphones. It isn't always necessary to design expensive apps to reach this consumer, but with close to 30% of NZ internet users viewing your site on these devices it is now of utmost importance to ensure your website is viewed in the best manner no matter the device. This is referred to as " responsive design " and today is huge part of our design process.


When designing your website, start thinking of its as a sales and marketing tool. Your website can be the most cost effective sales and marketing tool available to you today, but in order to be effective your website needs to be constantly updated with relevant content keeping existing and new visitors alike engaged. This is where choosing a good CMS product (content management system) such as Jet iTs " Content King " will help in future proofing your investment. With ease of use being a key factor when we developed this product, Content King allows you to update your content like a pro. Content King also presents your updated content in a " SEO Friendly " manner ensuring it is well represented for search engines such as google. We are constantly developing this product to ensure we keep our clients up to date with the latest and greatest of were technology leads us.


When designing your website there's always other things to be considered. One we continuously come across is clients wondering if there's an easier way than having to manually transfer all this data between backend software systems include your accounting package. Well lucky for you there is..... Jet iT CMS (Content King) can be integrated with third-party software, or alternatively we can develop you a bespoke business solution using our very own ERP Product " JetStream ". This will help you keep track of and manage all your data from enquires & online sales from not only your website, but in some cases third-party auction sites as well. Speak to us more about how we can make your life easier, perhaps even save you from employing that extra staff member to manage everything.

Cloud based website and business solutions.

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    Jet Stream

    Integrated product and ecommerce platform

    JetStream is our CRM / ERP / Process Management database.

    Think of a SAP but for a fraction of the price delivered as a Fully Managed Web Solution, and tailored to the way you do business. 

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  • Ck5


    Content Management System

    CK5 is a complete Digital Marketing Management environment. 

    Emails / Users / Web Content / Social / Catalogue  / E-commerce / Intranet

    CK5 provides you with the only solution which does it all. 

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  • QSmart_Loog


    Online Survey and Data Collection

    Qsmart is an online information gathering solution.

    Primarily designed as an on-line survey product, once you investigate the system you will find an enormous range of applications.

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