An eCommerce platform for your business is like opening another branch. As an Online Business it's the shop window to your products & services giving customers the ability to purchase online anywhere, 24hrs day 7 days a week.

Using the lastest in technology Jet iT will help you ensure your customers experience meets expectations. From purchase to delivery, right through to managing/tracking the entire process from your end. " Manage your products, customers and sales all from one system". We understand that the success of an eCommerce site is driven by results & profitability, and that is exactly what Jet iT is here to help you do....

Jet iT eCommerce solutions are indiviually tailored to your business no matter how big or small you are. The software we use for all our eCommerce platforms has developed and tested by Jet iT. What this means for our clients is that if you have any specific requests, unique ideas or different processes due to your type of business we will happily work with you to develop something specific to your needs.

Cloud based website and business solutions.

  • JetStream_Logo

    Jet Stream

    Integrated product and ecommerce platform

    JetStream is our CRM / ERP / Process Management database.

    Think of a SAP but for a fraction of the price delivered as a Fully Managed Web Solution, and tailored to the way you do business. 

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  • Ck5


    Content Management System

    CK5 is a complete Digital Marketing Management environment. 

    Emails / Users / Web Content / Social / Catalogue  / E-commerce / Intranet

    CK5 provides you with the only solution which does it all. 

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  • QSmart_Loog


    Online Survey and Data Collection

    Qsmart is an online information gathering solution.

    Primarily designed as an on-line survey product, once you investigate the system you will find an enormous range of applications.

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