How To Improve Survey Response And Feedback Quality.

How To Improve Survey Response And Feedback Quality.

Qsmart's latest case study summary provides a useful comparison between Online and Paper based surveys.

Our client, a household name in the Direct Marketing Sector, with customers in the Australian and New Zealand marketplaces wanted accurate customer feedback on their product range and services. Historically, their paper based surveys generated a low response rate, making the accuracy and therefore quality of the feedback questionable. They decided to use a Qsmart Online Survey and emailed invitations to participate to 3000 of their customers.

Of those people who opened the invitation 74% clicked through to the survey link, which surprised them. Then to their amazement 71% of those that clicked through completed the survey online. Almost three times higher than they were expecting! On top of that, the market feedback was the most insightful they'd ever collected.

Our client's results were demonstration enough that Qsmart Online is the way of the future for them. As they now realise, Qsmart's brilliant interface design and complex logic capabilities combine to make the survey experience an engaging one for the respondent. When you get maximum engagement you invariably get higher completion rates and more accurate data.

You'll be able to recognise the significance of these numbers in terms of performance if you compare them with paper or telephone based survey returns you've recorded in the past. It's also worth noting that with Qsmart you only pay for the responses you get - there's no annual subscriptions or set up fees which makes it a truly performance based business tool.

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