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Content King CMS explained

If you are a new Content King user - or are looking for a refresher on how it all works - then this

We have created Content King CMS so that our clients can easily manage their website and online presence with ease but also with the knowledge that it it robust, secure and robust.

This means there are two main aspects to the product: the User Interface where you create and edit your online content and the backend code and database that works tirelessly 24/7 to publish your content online.  Let's start with the way it works in terms of what a user of Content King should know to ensure they have the knowledge to work quickly and efficiently in the Content King adminsitration area.  You can click here to drop to the more geeky explanation of how Content King and it's back end functionality works.

Content is King

No wonder we called it Content King!  Jet iT were one of the early web developers to recognise that  a web presence is all about content.  This doesn't mean that design and layout play a part, it is crucial those aspects are done right.  But what we mean is a Content Management System is all about letting you build the content.  Our designers will take care of the look and feel (usually as part of the build project) of your website, utilising code that you will never have to worry about but that ensure the content you enter into Content King comes out with a manner consistent with your brand (and the design brief).  In Content King we let you and your editors assign various styles to blocks of text in terms of heading sizes, list types etc., but you will find that you cannot (for example) change the font to Comic Sans (eek!) or bring green (double eek!).  This is a case where we want you to 'leave it to experts' and concentrate on...content!

Objects are Everything

For the basic website, often most of your content will simply be text (and maybe a few pictures) for individual pages.  Maybe a few news items.  If it were that simple, we'd want to call everything 'articles' or 'text blocks'.  But as you will find out, Content King offers much more in terms of what you can do.  And at the heart of all that is what we call the Content Object.

When you create an article for your news page, Content King creates a new Content Object.  When you create a gallery of images for that recent conference, Content King creates a new Content Object.  The Content Object is what we store into the system that holds all the information for each of your articles, image galleries, email newsletters, advertisements and more.

When you create a new Content Object, you will have an idea of what you are about to create and where you might assign that object.  The Content Object Editing Suite will ask to fill in quite a few fields and you will learn which ones are relevant to the ultimate purpose of that object.  There are fields like the Abbreviated Title (which allow you to have a nice brief title for when the item shows in news lists), Main Title (shows when a full 'article' is displayed) and more.  Some fields will do different things depending on how we are displaying them at the time (for example a File Description will show as the 'hover' alt text when showing an image in a story, but if we have an image gallery it will show under the image in the gallery slider tool).

We detail what all the various fields are and their purposes in our more geeky 'Content King Definitions' artilce - click here to get geeky!

Use that object over and over

The benefit of any Content Management System is that you can create a content instance and use it many times in your site.  That is no different for us.  For example you could write a piece on your Marketing Analyst Jane.  Once created you can assign that object to your 'About Us' page where users will see an introduction to the article in the list of 'Our People'.  You can also assign the article to a list of speakers at a conference you are about to run.  And you can assign it as the 'landing' content for the Home Page for the next week.

You have full control of these assignments each and every time you add them.  So you can tell us to show that article for this year's Cat Convention on the events page for the rest of the year, to show on the 'Latest Happenings' page from September 12th until October 3rd (when the dogs take over!) and on your 'Portfolio' page for ever and a day.  And if you assign a story in the future, Content King will take care of it for you - no need to log in on that date, we will rebuild the page the evening before and show for as long as you have told us to.  Cool huh?

What's with this 'Rebuild' thing?

Hopefully we will have explained this to you, but here it is again.  When people visit your web pages, they want to see it nice and quickly.  If we were to make your pages fully dynamic - that is, we ask the database to get all the information for the 2 lists on the left, the main article, the 3 lists to the right and the 3 advert blocks we have splattered on the page - then they would see the web page loading very slowly.  This is because we are required to have a lot of spearate conversations with our database to get that information.  Not good - this is an area where some sites using the open source WordPress product can see some very slow loading pages.

So we created a rather cool solution.  Static/dynamic pages!  Not an endearing name, but it does kind of indicate what we are doing.  And here is an attempt to explain it to you...

Every so often we run a process that goes away and builds each of your Content King pages to produce what is very close to what is called a 'static web page'.  By that, we mean the page is a single file on our web server that the browser can call and load very quickly.  That file is almost like a web guy has typed in the code to display the page and left it there for when it is 'requested'.  The result is pages that load for the user real quickly, making them happy and engaged with your website and ready to take in all your wonderul content.

How often we rebuild the pages depends on what content we are delivering.  The great majority of Content King driven pages get rebuilt every 24 hours, but we do rebuild some news-intensive pages every hour to check for new content.

But what if you post something and want people to see it right now!?  Never fear, Page Rebuild is here!  In the Content King panel, you can click on the Page Rebuild globe at the top of the screen, select which pages you want us to rebuild and we will do it for you right there and then!  In fact, you will see we do it in the background (with a little indicator on progress) so that you can continue to work away in Content King (for some complex pages, the rebuild can take over ten precious seconds).

And as an added bonus, if you are not too sure how a page will look once you rebuild it, you can use our Preview Web Page button to check it out without changing the real live page.  This can take a while as we are indeed talking to the database many times over, but is good if you are in the process of building some big changes into an article.

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