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Email Marketing & Social Media

Social Media

It is virtually impossible to ignore the importance of Email Marketing and Social Media in any Marketing Campaign. Email and Social Media Marketing go together like Batman and Robin.

Facebook, Twitter & Linkdin have become an essential tool in Marketing because of its share size and reach with already over a billon active users. With these staggering numbers, it is important for you to take into account the necessity of using Social Media with your Email Marketing efforts. Think of these as the modern day word of mouth approach.

With nearly 3 Billion email users, 3 times the users of Social Media its easy to understand why email Marketing has been an efective marketing tool for so many years now. Matter a fact it is the closet thing we have to good old personal letter. So especially when targeting a slight older audience email marketing should be considered in communicating to your online community.

Email marketing made easy with your CMS

Content King's intergrated Email Management tool makes designing those email marketing campigns easy.....

Simply build your email newsletters from posted articles / content, which creates links drawing readers back to your site, choose your specific user groups and Content King will then track your email campaign giving you all important statistics that will help you improve your success rates.

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