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Content King - Jet iT CMS

Content King CMS by Jet iT

Core Features are:


Dynamic Content:  an easy to use web based tool which lets you write/upload content to your own site like a pro. Content King will let you write an article, upload images and then assign that article to as many pages as you like through your site e.g. write an article, then place it on your Home page & a Sections Page without having to re-do the process again.  You can set the article to appear for different periods of time for each area and much more. (eg. Akarana load up their yearly events in December for the proceeding year)

File Management: upload files such as word, excel, pdf, documents to articles, file for future use or to achieve as a record for many years down the track.

User Management: gives you ability to populate and store user/members information for database and communication purposes. This is also the foundation for additional communication modules such as, Email Management, Members Login & EziWeb etc

Search Engine Optimisation: Without getting into tech jargon, basically we do everything right to ensure your website will feature well in search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. We also teach you the fundamentals of SEO and uploading good content that search engines love, always focusing on the goal of pointing the right audience to your website.

Mobile Device Friendly:  More and more people today are surfing and viewing the web on mobile devices. So it is important that you optimise your site to be viewed correctly on these devices.  We design for this as part of the site build.

Web Statistics/Google Analytics: measure the all important ROI. This allows you the ability to measure your site, by month, by day, by hour, by visitor, where they are coming from, what they are viewing and for how long plus much much more….

Additional modules:

Email Management: allows management of regular (or dedicated) email campaigns to your user base. Upload content (often based on items you have already published to your site), edit the introduction, choose who to send it to based on your user groups (e.g. send one to newsletter subscribers, another to particular section members, staff members and/or to all users), then schedule to send for whenever suits for maximum impact. Content King monitors clicks from emails, giving you valuable statistics by user.

Members Login: allows you the ability to restrict certain website content to members only, this can also be restricted to certain members only as well (note that we can set up the Email Management to ‘auto log in' users directly from the email).

Social Media: the interface that allows you to easily update social media platforms at the same time you update your website content, this will also keep uploaded content across all web platforms consistent which is of course an important factor for your business brand.

EziWeb: EziWeb is a Content King module that offers restricted editing rights to selected members allowing them the ability to update content of particular section of the site only, thus sharing the all important responsibility of updating content (e.g. the Cafeteria page).

Comments/Feedback: ability to allow your visitors the opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback on individual articles with the ability for moderation (by you or a n assigned administrator) before the comment is published.

Directory: A type of web page that presents lists of products/services (essentially a version of an article) in a manner that allows the user to filter down based on categories (e.g. Landscaping/Catering).  The Directory module can be used as a revenue earner and/or provide added value to your sponsors/members/supplier. Either way by adding this feature and linking to these business through your website you will be growing the exposure of your business.


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    Site Analytics - Measuring ROI

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